Rivertrout.com Headquarters in New York
September 22, 1999

Dear readers,

We would like to share with you a special letter we wrote to our friends at Kaliber 10000 (a.k.a. k10k.net), a web site dedicated to computer art, design and web development. The letter, originally published at the k10k site, reads as follows:

"Dear k10k.net,

Many modern writers dedicated books to what they believed to be a perfect metaphor for the universe: Borges and his library, Saramago and his birth and death certificate agency, Joyce and his multi-language variations, among others.

Here at ( rivertrout.com ), we believe that letters, this age-old craft, combined with the interactivity and ubiquity of the internet, are the perfect metaphor for the universe.

E-letters, dear k10k.net friends, are a medium where anything can be told, expressed, drawn and designed.

Check out what we included in this missive to see what we’re talking about."

Rivertrout.com is proud to be associated with k10k.net. We hope you have as much fun reading the missive as we had writing and designing it.

Your editors,

-- J.P. Vicente and Christina Jensen

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